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Dr Joanne Lee


Before I trained as a life coach I worked for 12 years as a GP and during this time I saw how difficult it was for individuals to make even small changes to benefit their health. I realised that receiving advice about health changes was only the first part of the change process and that there were many factors that could obstruct this process.

I am a mother of two children and enjoy a good balance between family and social time and work. I like to spend time out in the countryside around my home and enjoy mountain walking. Being active is important to me and I like to cycle and swim. I also like to read and spend time painting.

I have experience of facing major change. In 2004 I was diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer. I made the decision at that time to leave General Practice and work in a different way. As a life coach I find it rewarding to be able to spend longer with clients than I could with patients when I was a GP. Having more time with people means I learn more about them and as a result am in a position to assist them in the changes they want to make and enable them to become happier and more positive.

I have studied gestalt psychotherapy, a holistic therapy in which awareness is central. Individual choice in the present is emphasised.



A course of sessions (usually six) is recommended, each lasting for 50 minutes. However if you prefer a shorter course or even a single session can be arranged.


Why not contact me, I am happy to meet you to discuss your requirements and to establish whether life coaching or counselling will suit your needs.


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