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The word Gestalt is from the German language and has no direct translation into English, but conveys the sense of the ‘whole picture’, or existence seen in the round, where many factors have relevance to a given situation and how we experience it. So the approach has a holistic emphasis, and therefore practitioners are broad-minded and flexible.

Gestalt therapy and counselling approaches have developed over the last sixty years. The key values involved are of developing self-awareness in order to promote change, find solutions and resolve problems. This process is a collaborative one between the therapist and the client.

The emphasis is on the present as it is experienced by the client, with acknowledgement of the ways in which the past affects us here and now. There is an active emphasis on trying out new ways of experiencing life, the world and oneself, with the support of the therapist.

  Usually the therapist and the client will meet on a regular basis over a period of time which is negotiated between them. This may be brief, or it may be open-ended particularly if the focus is on self-development.


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