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Human beings are creatures of habit and too often we carry on with behaviour that is creating problems for us, because it is easier to do so than it is to change. Making any change requires thought and effort to break old patterns and move in a new direction.

As your life coach I will listen to you without judging you, and in understanding you and your situation will be able to provide you with feedback which can give you useful insight and a new perspective on your situation. This will often allow you to see new possibilities and options in areas where you may have felt stuck.

As you make decisions regarding changes you want to make I will guide and support you, ensuring that your goals are realistic and achievable and that you have strategies in place for dealing with obstacles and difficulties that you encounter.


I also work as a Cancer Coach. In 2008 I co-founded LYLAC:Live Your Life After Cancer for People who are struggling to find a way forward after cancer. LYLAC provides individual coaching and group workshops for men and women with any cancer diagnosis. I love to work with people to help them to feel empowered and ready to find their own 'right' way forward.


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